Agency People Action List

These are the resources relating to the People Pillar of the Happy & Healthy Digital Agency Book.


  1. Better understand the relationship between Entrepreneurs & Employees to improve how you work with your team.
  2. Read Contagious Culture by Anese Cavanaugh
  3. Conduct in-person communication training to help your team be comfortable in uncomfortable conversations.
  4. Complete the Agency Positioning, Branding, SWOT, Mission Statement & Core Values exercise in from the deck in the Agency People resources section 
  5. Agree on your Agency Core Values and complete the EOS People Analyzer exercise for your current team.
  6. Cultivate a strong Agency Culture & hold regular team building events - once a quarter out of the office, every month pizza and or drinks in the office.
  7. Download the onboarding calendar and make your own version for each new member of the team according to their role.
  8. Implement Office Vibe as a way of keeping a pulse check on how your team is feeling (recommended for agencies over 6 people).
  9. Create a Digital Agency Centre of Excellence
  10. Develop a solid Agency Recruitment strategy - read Solving for Inbound Talent Gap by Eric Pratt from Revenue River - a talk he delivered at Inbound 2016
  11. Get the whole team to complete a Myers Briggs test and discuss as a team.

Agency Strategy Action List

These resources are linked to the Strategy Pillar of A Happy & Healthy Digital Agency 


  1. Complete your Agency Positioning, Branding, SWOT, Mission Statement & Core Values 
  2. Create a Vision / Traction Organiser for your agency - this video explains more - VTO by EOS
  3. Develop your Agency Positioning, Mission & Value Statements so they can be shared with your team, uploaded to your website - even create posters/artwork for the walls in your office.
  4. Create your list of services based on your previous industry experience, what services you are good at doing, what you like doing, what gets results for your clients and what is profitable for your business.
  5. Build an accountability chart for your agency today with everyone’s name on it then one for 12 months and 24 months to show the future roles that will be available to everyone to aim for in the business if they are interested.



These resources relate to the growth section of A Happy & Healthy Digital Agency book.

  1. Decide what growth means to you and for your agency.
  2. Get control of your Agency Financials, watch our how to get your Digital Agency Financially Fit 
  3. Do a customer profitability exercise to find out which of your clients is the most profitable and which ones are the least.
  4. Software & Tools Agency Audit
  5. Get your agency investor ready, even if you are not selling it soon or ever it is a good exercise for you and the management team to do to see if you have any gaps.
  6. Review Eric Pratt from Revenue Rivers' Processes for Agency Profitability 


This relates to the services section of A Happy & Healthy Digital Agency book.

  1. Hire a team leader if your services team is over 4-5 people.
  2. Schedule in a weekly client status meeting to review:- Incoming sales, project work, client work, issues that have arisen & possible roadblocks that could come in the coming weeks. 
  3. Sales & Services Alignment - download the template on how they can work better together from handover of the new client to services, planning the account management, having a preparation list ready for monthly reports along with a wish list ready for new client ideas as they pop up throughout the month.
  4. Get the right Project Management tool including time tracking and make sure the whole team uses the parts necessary consistently especially time tracking.
  5. Make sure you follow this checklist to fully develop the necessary processes and procedures on how to market, sell and service your services how to create & implement a new service in your agency.
  6. Create monthly report templates from your account management process.
  7. Implement Databox for your monthly reports.


This relates to the sales section of A Happy & Healthy Digital Agency book.

  1. Review what you sell and why you sell it
  2. Map out clear buyers journeys on your website
  3. Review your sales process
  4. Overhaul your presentations, proposals, and contracts invest in Panda Doc to help improve your turnaround time to prospects.
  5. Watch HubSpot Sales Training in their free Academy.
  6. Invest in Marcus Sheridan's Sales Training 


This section relates to agency marketing section of A Happy & Healthy Digital Agency book.

  1. Review your marketing strategy for your agency - where are your best leads coming from? 
  2. What is your Martech strategy for your agency and do you have a clear map for your clients?
  3. You must get offline to get customers online, what are the events, conferences, and talks you can go to where your ideal clients will be too?
  4. Here is an outline of a Digital Transformation Package you could customize and offer in the future.